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Schwag? No Swag

Earlier this year I attended an expo for work in Houston, TX. I’ve been to this expo many times before and it’s always the same, hundreds of industry folks getting together to “talk shop” and learn about the new developments within our industry. Or as my co-workers like to say “it’s a great place to get together with our peers in the industry to shake hands and kiss babies.” However, one of the great things about this expo is that every booth is propped out with great support mediums a.k.a swag. The expo is huge, so walking through it in entirety takes almost a full day and can be a little overwhelming. The vendors really have to put a lot of thought into the swag they are offering in order for it to stand out.


Support Medium

When I happened upon this particular booth, they had some great swag, especially for the attendee age group. A can koozie and bottle opener with their logo. I can’t tell you how nice it is to pick up free can koozies, because let’s be honest, who wants to spend money on them? They usually end up at your friends house, in their cooler. The bottle opener is metal and really durable; great for having around the house for my husband and his friends.

This expo, along with this swag targets men (a few women) because almost all of the attendees are men. I think their goal in handing out can koozie and a bottle opener was to get men to grab them and use them when they have a party or are hanging out with friends. Both are necessary in those circumstances and it then gets exposed to a whole new group of people that might not be in the industry, through word of mouth. This particular company doesn’t sell anything, however they’re goal is to find new people that will invest in their company by purchasing stock. Once one of the attendees uses this company, their friend may inquire about the name on the koozie and then a conversation will happen and a new person will become educated about a new company, potentially an industry and Oasis will have potentially gained a new shareholder.


Radio Advertising – Ideal Image, Hair Removal

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Radio Ads: Ideal Image

The most recent radio advertisement that I heard was for Ideal Image. Ideal Image performs laser hair removal for both men and women across the United States. Specifically, they have 3 locations in Minnesota, Maple Grove, Edina and Woodbury. Some mornings on my drive to work, I listen to KDWB to pass the time. I don’t normally listen to one particular radio station. I actually like to jump between a few different ones, and then there are the mornings where I plug in to Spotify (which is commercial free) to get me through the morning commute. Not to sidetrack, but commercial free music is becoming quite the norm, so actually listening in to a particular radio ad was interesting.

So during my morning commute, one of the DJ’s on KDWB came on promoting and supporting their experience at Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal, telling the audience how much getting laser hair removal saves so much time out of their day, year, etc. “No more stress putting on that first bikini for spring break or summer!” To be honest, as a woman, this sounded quite appealing. Just listen to this the testimonials on their website:

I haven’t met a woman that hasn’t complained about shaving. It’s a nuisance!

You’ve Heard It Once, You’ve Heard It A Million Times

Now that I’ve heard this ad once, I hear it every morning! At least once during my morning commute, one of the DJ’s takes a turn explaining their experience with this company and how “worry free” they are now that they have skipped a step getting laser hair removal. I think the reason I hear it more now and remember it, is because it honestly makes me feel that it would be a time / worry saver to have it done. I am not one to shell out large sums of money for cosmetic purposes, but hey, let’s all be honest… What woman likes shaving their legs?!

Creative Campaigns: Sharpie

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Sharpie has always brought such creativity to their campaigns. For a product that is so ordinary, they sure make is seem extraordinary. See, for example, in their latest campaign regarding the Sharpie see through highlighter.

The campaign is quite simple. There is a see through end to the highlighter so when you are running it through a book, paper, etc. you are able to see when and where you need to stop. I didn’t really spend much time thinking about how annoying that was before I saw this campaign. At work and school, so many times I was stopping too short of what I’d like to be highlighting or I would just keep highlighting and you end up incorporating a point that you didn’t want to. I know that this is quite a “small” problem to have, but very annoying, nonetheless.

Sharpie: Relating the “Small” Problem To Larger, More Relate-able Ones

In this video that Sharpie included in their campaign, you can see they take this smaller problem over under/over highlighting and compare or relate it to a problem that everyone faces in their day to day, pushing the snooze button too many times. I thought this was quite funny and also it somehow made me believe, which is what Sharpie was trying to achieve with this campaign, that this highlighter problem is really annoying and I wish I had a see through tip highlighter to solve this problem. Call me a sucker, but I thought it was quite creative and comical what they did.

SHOPBOP – Favorite Website

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My favorite website is SHOPBOP, www.shopbop.com. SHOPBOP is a completely web-based women’s and men’s clothing and accessory store. This store carries over a hundred different brands of clothing and provides a plethora of items that appeal to anyone’s personal style. Some of the top features of this website that I like so much are the search function, fast delivery and the abundance of brands and styles. SHOPBOP’s search function is great, because it allows you to search for items based on brand, size, color, cut, and pricing. Because their website contains so much material, it’s important to allow your customer’s easy access to view those items. Nothing is worse than going into a physical store or web-based store and feeling overwhelmed because there’s no way you can possibly view every item in the store. Your customer’s usually end up not making any purchases because of that. SHOPBOP carries many different items, but because you can go on their website and filter the items exactly to your liking, it makes the whole shopping experience better. They also have a “Boutiques” selection http://www.shopbop.com/ci/4/lp/boutiques.html that you can check out which SHOPBOP’s stylist put together. Whether you’re looking for gifts or current trends, this allows you to feel like you have a personal shopper that’s help select and filter items that you can chose from.

Another great feature of this website is their fast delivery. I believe it’s extremely important for a web-based store to have overnight delivery. I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to make purchases. Whether its a gift or something for myself, I find myself rushing to find something and because of that don’t always have time to run to the store. Online shopping is convenient in that regard, however it the website doesn’t allow overnight delivery, then you sometimes are forced to go to the physical store.

Lastly, the amount of brands that they carry is really great. Similar to a big department store, you have accessibility to view a hundred different white t-shirts from all different brands. It helps you compare prices, styles, materials in order to really make the best choice.

Favorite Ad….Valentino

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Recent Favorite Print Ad

Favorite Print Ad

This is currently my favorite print ad. Valentino has always been one of my favorite designers. They are notorious for very feminine accessories and clothing. You are more likely to find their purses or shoes with an oversized bow or a big dress with excessive tulle. However lately, they have incorporated studs as their go to accessory accent. Leather shoes and bags with silver or gold studded detailing all around the edges. They’ve coined the term “Rockstud” for this new line. I felt this print ad was fresh for them, because they took a completely new perspective. This new look appeals to a larger target market. It gives off an urban, street vibe in comparison to their famous feminine, polished look.  When showcasing the clutch, they’ve used a male’s tattooed arm to accentuate this. I felt incorporating the masculine touch in the ad was inventive. The woman that’s advertising the shoe, also has tattoos all over her legs. The new ad really uses the “Rockstud” theme and makes the accessories feel more punk or rock and roll. This refreshing new perspective lets everyone know that their shoes and hand-bags aren’t just for girly-girls. The ad is also quite beautiful, in true Valentino fashion. It’s simplistic, but really makes a statement with the beautiful gray leather and shiny studs. I think it would make anyone who’s a Valentino lover feel that they could really rock those street-style accessories.

I simply remember my favorite things….


Simply My Favorite

I have been with my husband now for 10 years. We met in college, dated for 7 years, got engaged and then married. *Obviously, it wasn’t quite as simple as that, but for the sake of time*

When thinking back on those 10 years, I look to my wrist. Of course aside from my wedding ring, yes, my wrist, because it contains one of my most favorite, cherished things. My David Yurman bracelet.


This bracelet was given to me by my husband for our 1st Wedding Anniversary and it will forever remind me of those 10 years. In addition to the sentimental reasons I love this bracelet, I also love it because of its practicality. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and this piece goes with just about anything. I add it to other bracelets for a more formal occasion, pair it with a watch for work and day to day, just wear it on its own. The versatility is important to a customer like me, because the price point is on the mid to higher range and I can wear it to work everyday.

Through many business trips that I have taken in the last 4 years as a working professional, I have noticed a few working women who’ve worn a David Yurman bracelets. Curious about the reason why they chose a David Yurman bracelet as apposed to all the other beautiful bracelets to chose from, I would inquire. Many of them indicated that those bracelets were the first pieces they bought themselves, not only as a reward, but as a symbol of a powerful working female. Some working in a conservative environment, predominately run by men, adding jewelry to a “power suit” was a way of expressing femininity.

Another reason that this David Yurman bracelet appeals to women is because of it’s status symbol. When making his jewelry he uses high end metals (silver, gold) and incorporates tasteful jeweled tones. Most people who are purchasing jewelry are looking to show it off in some way, whether it’s a husband/boyfriend looking or a woman herself. Most individuals buy jewelry and a certain brand of jewelry for what it symbolizes. In this case David Yurman’s jewelry could symbolize independence, love, status…

Jewelry has always been a powerful status symbol, but it can also showcase personal style. Incorporating such exquisite materials in his jewelry, that can also be a personal reflection on your personal taste. You may have people admire your jewelry and then go and buy it because they admire your personal taste. Word of mouth can be one of the most powerful forms of advertising. The minute a friend may notice another friend’s new purchase, they might inquire about where you found that piece. Not only because they found the piece of jewelry appealing, but because they admire your personal style and it now becomes more appealing. I think all of us growing up heard our mothers say, “Imitation is a form of flattery.” It holds true into adulthood, especially with material things.

2015 Super Bowl, like a girl

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Like a girl. 

Advertisers are no longer just targeting men in their Super Bowl ads, because an increasing amount of the 100 million-plus people who watch the Super Bowl are women. P&G did a creative job of doing just that with their “Like a girl” commercial.

This commercial starts out asking boys and girls to “run like a girl.” Both boys and girls “run” very slowly, almost skipping. Some of the participants even go so far as to fling their hands back and forth as they’re running and one even starts laughing because he can’t keep it together. Next, they are asked to “fight like a girl.” Each one of them weakly throws their hands up, while laughing.

Then the text comes across the screen stating, “When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?” One of the younger boys who participated in the first part of this experiment was asked if he knew he was insulting his sister. He replied by stating, “No. Not my sister… other girls.” This is particularly interesting because you’re asking a very young boy, the typical age range that uses the phrase “like a girl” if he knows he’s insulting his sister. He very honestly doesn’t think that he is.

I like this commercial because it empowers women, as well as points out to the audience that this is an insult. An insult that most people don’t even realize is. I noticed a lot of women in the media took to social media after this commercial posting photos of themselves in kick-boxing, for example, and started #fightlikeagirl. I really liked the hash-tag and hope because of the P&G commercial girls everywhere keep it going.